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September 01, 2014
Upcoming Events
Labor Day Picnic
Sep 01, 2014
Oaks Park
Metro Vote
Sep 02, 2014
Blue Lake Ranger Station
E-Board Meeting
Sep 02, 2014
Laborers 483 Office
Metro Vote
Sep 03, 2014
Oregon Zoo Cascade Break Room (8am-12:30pm) Oxbow Park 2pm
Metro Vote
Sep 04, 2014
Metro Zoo
METRO WORKERS Tentative Agreement Vote Next Week Sept 2-4th

Metro Workers: On site voting on the TA is coming up next week. 

Voting INFO:

Tues September 2nd: Blue Lake Park – 2pm – 3pm

Wed September 3rd: Metro Zoo, Cascade Break Room 8-12:30pm, Oxbow Park – 2pm-3pm

Thurs September 4th: Metro Zoo, Cascade Break Room, 8-12:30pm, Facilities and Keepers Time Clock Area 1-4pm

Thurs Sept 4th: 3pm Borland Yard.  An additional zoo vote time/location may be added after meeting with folks tomorrow Tues 26th.

Ballot will read:

YES – accept the tentative agreement

NO- reject the tentative agreement and authorize the bargaining team to call a strike if necessary

Only members of Local 483 can vote on union elections and ratification votes. So if you know people who have not yet filled out their membership card, they will need to do so before they vote. Union membership cards will be available at pre-vote meetings and during vote times.


If I vote YES what happens next?  We have come a long way but not all the way.  A contract is a starting place not an ending place for building our union at Metro.  We still will have work to do.  Enforcing the contract, especially the hard fought for new language and rights.  Building unity and strength to make our voices heard and respected every day.

If I vote NO will we be on strike immediately?  NO, authorizing a strike does not mean that we will be on strike right away but gives the authority to the bargaining team to call a strike at any time with no further votes.  While it does not mean we strike right away, a vote to reject the contract means that we need to be ready to take action.  It is our actions (petitions, sticker days, delegations, community petitions, presenting at council) and the community support we have built that brought each step of movement at the table.  Getting beyond where we are now will take a serious commitment to standing together and taking stronger action up to and including a strike.

Metro Temps Prepare for Bargaining
12 degree day
Metro Zoo Keepers Prepare for contract
Sunderland Recycling Facility
Sewer Crew
Delegation to Commissioner Fish's Office to Deliver Message that BES Workers are Ready to Strike
Structures department at work!
Parks Members are United Voting NO on Management Final Offer
DCTU members for a fair contract!
PBOT clearing the road so this bus can get thru safely.
483 members contribute to public safety
April 17th at City Hall
483 members + community supporters beating back the budget cuts
Retirees handbill the "State of the City"
Click here to read Jim Redden's article about our action
Jan 30th Rally to Protect Portland's Future
Click here to read JJ's Op Ed in the Portland Observer
Laborers' Local 483 at the 11/17 Steel Bridge action
483 Eboard member Kevin Stampflee speaks out against budget cuts to PBOT

Union members have a legal right to request a steward or a union representative be present in meetings that could lead to discipline. If you are ever called into a meeting by management you should say: "If this discussion could in any way lead to my being disciplined or terminated, or affect my personal working conditions, I request that my union representative be present."

Click Here for Seasonal Maint. Worker Tentative Agreement  Ballots are in the mail and should be received next week (with cover letter and summary of changes).
To VIEW Metro Tentative Agreement PDF Click LINK BELOW
Metro Workers Reach Tentative Agreement

ZOOLIDARITY WORKS! TA Reached in Metro Contract Fight. Some highlights include winning rights at work for temp workers, paid sick time, stopping wage cuts and a 2.5% COLA for everyone! We are canceling the picket scheduled for Sat morning and will be scheduling meetings soon with members to let them know the details and plan a vote on the TA.
Download: Metrosidebyside.pdf , Metrosidebyside.pdf

Silverton Workers Win Contract Fight!

Congrats to Silverton workers for sticking with the fight and winning!!! After a work site action targeted at their most recent bargaining session today workers in the City of Silverton win a TA they can say YES to! In addition to fighting off take-aways like moving the city off of wage cuts, Silverton workers won very healthy wage increases for those determined to be "undermarket.

Election Results Are In

ELECTION RESULTS ARE IN: Business Manager: Erica Askin President: Wesley Buchholz Vice President: Kassey Diaz Secretary/Treasurer: Ben Nelson Recording Secretary: Jennie Bert E Board At- Large: Scott Gibson and Kevin Stampflee District Council Delegate: Farrell Richartz Sergeant-at-arms: Will Tucker Auditors: Tom Henn

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